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Research in the news

An article about a College seminar I teach.

STAT - Effective use of ethograms in research.

Gizmodo - How do animals recognize each other?

In 2015 I had the pleasure of hosting Girl Scout Troop #20164 at the Institute. They were working on their 'Animal Helpers' badge, and one of the requirements was to talk with an animal behavior expert. It was a great two hours of discussion! Some girls were sick but the troop leader said those in attendance remembered my presentation and did a good re-enactment for them.

I brought my Girl Scout sash with badges to show them one from MANY years ago, and asked to see their badge when they got it. Just received a picture a few days ago of Sophie and Maxine wearing their vests. The Animal Helper badge is the diamond shaped one n the bottom of their vest - a red cross with a paw. Well done, young ladies!

(permission obtained)


The National Science Foundation recently celebrated 60 years of its Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Since 1952, NSF has funded more than 46,500 graduate research fellowships out of more than 500,000 applicants. Fellows receive an annual stipend, opportunities for international research and professional development, and have the freedom to conduct their own research at any accredited U.S. institution of graduate research they choose. They highlighted one awardee from each year, and I was the one from 1989!

Heather Coffin's MS work on penguin kin recognition. Ground-breaking work revealing how birds DO use odors to discriminate among relatives!!

University of Chicago press release


Science News

Toronto Star

WTTW (Chicago Public Television; video)

Riverside-Brookfield Landmark (our local paper, near the zoo where the work was done)

Audubon Magazine

My Darwin Keynote "Women in Science" Lecture at Indiana State University, March 2011

Jason Bruck's research on dolphin social memory at Texas State Aquarium



The University of Chicago Magazine, February 2006

Beyond the Beagle: Evolutionary Approaches to the Study of Social Behavior    A symposium I organized for the 2009 AAAS meeting in Chicago honoring Darwin's 200th birthday and 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species

Hibernation and the armpit effect in ground squirrels

Science News

Inverted-U shape relationship between cortisol and learning in ground squirrels

The University of Chicago News Office

Science Daily

Biochemistry News

Discovery Channel Magazine

Rats assess degree of relatedness from human odors
(Erin Ables, Leslie Kay and myself)

Nature's Michael Hopkin's Blog from the Animal Behavior Society Meeting, 2006

Nature and representation of individual recognition in ground squirrels

The New York Times' Science Times or here

Discovery Magazine

Chicago Sun-Times

Daily Kos

Functions and mechanisms of kin-recognition abilities in Belding's ground squirrels

Science News

Science Now

APA Monitor

Wired Online Magazine

National Geographic for Kids, scheduled for Dec 2002

Canadian Broadcast Company

National Wildlife Magazine, Aug/Sept 2002

Canadian Wildlife Magazine, forthcoming

Discover Magazine, July 2002

BBC Wildlife Magazine, June 2002

The Scientist, April 29, 2002

Healthy Wire

Kansas City Channel

Queen's University Journal

Self-referent phenotype matching - the "armpit effect" - in golden hamsters

(Photo courtesy of Cornell University News Office)

Science Times of the New York Times

ABC News

BBC News Online

Cornell University News Office Press Release

Mono Lake Basin research


Other links to my research

In Science News - Even in the 21st century, there's still room for old-fashioned, do-it-yourself ingenuity in experimental design for studying animal behavior

In American Scientist - The armpit of the avian world

Science News

BBC's "The Life of Mammals" - see "The Chiselers" episode
   (I even have an IMDB entry for it!!)

Animal Behavior, by John Alcock

Becoming a Tiger : How Baby Animals Learn to Live in the Wild

The Best American Science Writing 2004

Comment on ground squirrel hunting

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